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You can go any where in the world without worries about your health records since you have e-phr-lite in your hands.

A revolution in improving doctor-patient communication.
Question : What is e-phr-lite ?
It is electronic version of life time personal health record of a person which can be carried very conveniently in pocket while you are on the move. Since it is very light so it is called “e-phr-lite”.
Generally a life time health record of a person can be very bulky consisting of hundreds of prescriptions by various consultants and hoards of investigations, thick x-ray films, ct scans or mris which may be very cumbersome carrying it during journey. By converting it into electonic format it can become so light that it can be easily carried in pocket.
This is a very novel way to keep your health record during travel any where in the world. The health record is kept in a pen drive which contains all your x-rays, mris, ct scans & other laboratory investigations along with your all consultations with doctors. In case of need you have to just plug in this pen drive in a computer and it can open on its own revealing all your records to the consulting doctor. The records are saved in chronological order and can be seen in a jiffy in case of emergency. All bulky documents & investigations like x-ray films & mri films are saved in scanned format which can be seen by enlarging them in seconds.
Usually during consultation with a doctor past history of any disease or any operations or past investigations are important to make a diagnosis, but patients usually don't carry all their documents with them during travelling. Most of the time it is not practical also. Many times patient due to apprehension or nervousness or due to his general physical state can not tell important facts about his past diseases or medication. In such circumstances this phr can come handy saving much of doctors time.
Advantages of portable & personal health record
  • A life time record of one's medical history can be kept in a pen drive which can be easily carried in pocket during travelling.
  • By plugging it into a computer you can access the medical records any where since pen drive does not need any external software to open it.
  • All your consultations with various specialists, your related investigations & other documents are saved in chronological order & can be seen in seconds saving precious time in case of emergency.
  • For making right diagnosis & decision many a times past medical history & investigations play a very important role. In such cases having access to complete medical history is a boon.
  • Records are type written & so legible, neat & in order.
  • You can make a backup copy of your pen drive which can be kept at home. So in case of loss of one drive you don't loose your all medical records.
  • The records can be easily sent by email to any other doctor for distant consultation in case of need.
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