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Dhanvantri HPMS Plus
Hospital & Patient Care Management System

Dhanvantri Hospital & Patient Care Management software (HPMS) which has powerful ERP can boast of INDIA’S best & unique EMR (Electronic medical record), PHR (Patient Health Record) keeping system. The HPMS Plus is having all its modules interlinked so beautifully that extracting any information is a child’s play. The EMR has been developed keeping in mind clinician’s doggedness to use computers in day to day work & so is very user friendly & informative which may attract them to use it. Dhanvantri HPMS Plus is Designed to deliver really conceivable benefits to big & small hospitals, unique patients ID, Single Window service to all common tasks, user defined Multiple Tariff plans, incorporation of international standards like HL7, DICOM, ICD, HIPAA etc, User defined formats for all the documents, 5 Level Security, Complete Disease / Drug Investigation / Brand Details with online security checks & warnings, Unique Search Engine to Locate patient medical record & Other Medical & Administrative Informations, Various payment plan for Insurance / TPA Company, Credit / Debit card / Cash/ Cheque, Contracts etc.

Core Strength
The software has complete prescribing information of about 45,000 brands backed with detailed information of 2200 + generic drugs with their complete monographs for reference sake. It also contains complete details of about 1200 diseases with ICD Coding, detailed information of about 4000 Investigations. The software keeps on checking for drug interactions, drug duplication, drug allergy & drug safety in case of pregnancy, lactation, children, elderly, liver insufficiency, renal insufficiency, pulmonary insufficiency and lastly for individual diseases as well while you are writing prescription through it, ensuring 100% safe treatment to a patient. So far there is no software like this in Indian healthcare industry.
Product Components
Integrated System with more than 36 modules, covering every task of Hospital or any other Healthcare Providing Organization & capable of working in an enterprise environment. These modules can work independently also if someone wish to replica patek philippe try only few modules on independent nodes.
Product Highlights
  • Detailed / Unique EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System.
  • Detailed / Unique PHR (Personal Health Record) System.
  • Speech Recording & Image Editing Facilities, Barcode Enabled EMR, Lab Reports, all Cards / Receipts / Requisitions.
  • Detailed Drugs / Brands Database with Complete Drug Formulation, Dose Details with Interactions & Safety Information.
  • Innovative Diagnosis System Based on Organ / Department / Sign & symptoms.
  • Automatic Critical data Calculation like Electrolytes, Drug Dose etc.
  • Foolproof Prescription writing Facility.
  • Critical Care management system.
  • Consolidated Patient History for Multiple Departments.
  • Commission / Incentive / Reward management system.
  • Innovative Blood Bank system, with Disease Handling.
  • Records Security / Searching by Biometric Devices (Finger Printing).
  • Dynamic MIS system with unlimited Reports on Customizable Criteria.
  • Graphical Presentation of Investigations & Other Comparative Data.
  • Allow Adding / Editing of entire Master Data & system settings.
  • Fully Customizable Formula Based / Fixed Calculations. (with Facility to Add / Modify Defined Formulas)
  • Completely Customizable Interface Using Interface Control.
  • Customizable Code Generation i.e. On Daily Basis, Monthly Basis, Yearly Basis etc.
  • Having both Codeless / Coded Features.
  • Enable / Disable System Warnings, Checks, Features or Change the Software Behavior using Control Parameters.
  • Export Patient Data to other formats also.
  • Centralize / Separate Purchase System.
  • Doctors Assistance/ Patient Awareness Documents like Exercises, Diet Charts, Diseases, Treatment & Precautions etc in Multiple Languages.
  • Fully customizable / simplified Searching Mechanism for fast & accurate searching on random criteria.
  • Customizable / User defined formats for Documents, receipts etc.
  • Strong & Innovative System Security management system.
Technical Specifications
  • Developed using Latest technology i.e. Microsoft .Net 2008 (Framework 3.5) & SQL Server 2005.
  • A complete 3-tier architecture application builds on standard coding & designing guidelines.
  • World’s best & web compatible third party controls (Ultra .Net Compatible Controls 2008, Crystal Reports) used to provide maximum functionality with provision to customize at maximum level.
  • Final product will be Multi backend compatible, i.e. compatible with Oracle, SQL Server & MS-Access.
  • Each Module can be installed and run independently with complete features.
  • Every module can be linked with a specified portal to deploy latest data updates
  • Compatible with all standard imaging / scanning devices i.e. with webcams, scanners, cameras etc.
  • Entire project or part will be web enable with minimum efforts in no time.
  • Compatible with standard Barcode devices to save infrastructure cost.
  • An additional backup server can be installed.
  • Data can be exported into various formats.
  • Entire project or part can communicate with another installation through internet
  • All reports can be delivered through email.
  • All predefined master data & required minimum data entry to implement.
  • Data backup can be stored on cartage tape or on CD / DVD media storages.
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